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Turkish Minister of Transport, Communications and maritime navigation "Ahmed Arslan" announced that the ministry implemented a resolution of decreasing the transit fees of the bridge of "Osman Gazi" in Istanbul by 20%.

According to the new decision, the bridge transit fees will drop from 89 T.L to 65T.L.

Arslan added saying that the transit fees of both "Yavuz Selim" and "Third Bridge" bridges that link the two sides of Istanbul was determined with 15 T.L.

"Osman Gazi " bridge is the fourth longest bridge in the world with a length of 2682 meters high and it is considered the most significant link in the highway project linking between the states of "Koga Eli -yalova- Bursa- Izmir". The project falls within the mega projects series amounting nearly 1.3 billion dollars which Turkey intended to implement until 2023.