Basaksehir is one of the most well- known areas in Istanbul and has one of the most modern infrastructures, with the modernity of the region and its establishment, based on a strong and modern architecture.

The area has one of the most popular metro lines in the city. It is the Basaksehir -Kirazli metro line between Kirazli and the Koy Olympics, with a length of 16 kilometers and 11 stations. The area also has a large parking and maintenance stand.

There is a connecting station for the line between Basaksehir -Kirazli and the line between Kirazli-Yenikapi, which enables thousands of people living in the apartments of the Basaksehir district to reach many important areas, such as Ataturk International Airport and Marmara Railroad, which connects the two continents European and Asian countries.

The Turkish State intends to build a new tram line in the Basaksehir area; the project is expected to start soon, at a cost of approximately 450 million Turkish liras.

The area of Basaksehir has a wide network of bus routes, where buses reach popular kiosks from all areas of Istanbul, especially the vital areas such as the Taksim and Mecidiyekoy and many other important areas of the city.

Currently, a work is underway to strengthen the area with a wide network of railways to be announced soon.

Source: Basaksehir Municipality