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The month of September witnessed a significant increase in the number of foreign and Arab tourists in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular. This increase is expected with the opening of the Turkish real estate season this month, which coincided with many investment opportunities.

Despite the end of the summer tourist season in Istanbul, the number of tourists continues to increase. Figures from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture indicate that the number of foreign tourists in Istanbul alone has exceeded 8 million since the beginning of this year. The ministry noted that this increase is continuing steadily.

The city of Istanbul witnessed a significant increase in the number of foreign tourists during the summer months. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the number of tourists has increased significantly compared to last year, and the percentage of increase in this year compared to the same period last year reached 30%. The figures also show that the number of tourists in September alone reached one million and 45 thousand tourists.

 Moreover, Germany ranked first in terms of the number of tourists due to a large number of Turkish expatriates in it, while Iran came second in construction, and Saudi Arabia ranked third in terms of the number of foreign residents in general and ranked first among the Arab countries.

The number of tourists coming from Germany to 736 thousand tourists, while the number of tourists from Iran to 636 thousand tourists, and Saudi Arabia 470 thousand tourists.