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Share Ownership Apartments for Sale in Istanbul 2020

Share ownership apartments for sale in the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, the best real estate in Turkey such as villas, apartments in modern complexes, hotel apartments

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IMT-198 Atakoy Complex

A new complex adjacent to the Sea of Marmara, in a pleasant green environment, giving the place a to...

Starting at

323,000 $

Imt-197 Brand Istanbul Project

Our new luxury project is rising in the urbanized district of Beylikduzu

Starting at

84,000 $

IMT-196 Gulpark Complex

Golpark Complex is located in the heart of Istanbul, where everything is within your reach

Starting at

165,000 $

IMT-195 Route Istanbul

Your life in Atakoy will be inspired by your dreams a life full of prestige, central location, inves...

Starting at

138,000 $

IMT-194 Turun Center Complex

A modern and luxury complex located in the most energetic spot of the city that will add utterly dif...

Starting at

303,000 $

Imt-193 Loca Project

Our new project in Istanbul enchants the eye and captures the hearts among its fragrant flowers and...

Starting at

151,000 $

Share ownership system: It is also known as Time Sharing, which means that you own a property for a specified period of time each year, in other words, it is a common use right over a specified period of time.

For example, you can buy a room or hotel apartment in a luxury hotel resort in Istanbul. You have the right to stay or leasing it for one week in June or for any week during the year without a specific date, subject to prior reservation.

The ownership sharing system is ideal for those wishing to build tourist and hotel accommodation, often for a limited period of time. It is also a good option for those wishing to invest in tourist real estate at a price much lower than the amount of purchase and ownership of the property in full... According to the principle: Why pay more when you can pay less? Buying a property with full ownership will cost a relatively large amount of money, especially if your purpose is to stay only for a very limited period of time each year in a country or city other than the one you live in. In the ownership sharing system you will pay less and use your place more effectively, And to suit your obligations and time.

In a recent study, the property sharing system has proven to be a success, growing steadily and has accounted for 22.5 percent of the total travel and tourism industry worldwide.

Statistics show that there are more than 5 million families benefiting from this system around the world, and there are approximately 5,000 hotels and resorts around the world applying this system.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can contact us at Imtilak Real Estate Company to offer you the best real estate options in Istanbul such as: apartments in luxury and modern residential complexes, villas with sea view, villas, hotel apartments in the most luxurious areas of Istanbul.

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