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Right time to Invest or Rent or Own in Istanbul Real Estate

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world and the most lucrative in Istanbul real estate. The city is currently a great opportunity for those who want to own or rent Istanbul real estate. The rental market has witnessed a decline in prices due to the increasing number of residential projects, which is a great opportunity for investors.

Experts have long argued that this decline will be on the rentals of real estate in the city, where it is reported that there is a decline of 6.43% in April of this year, and the price per square meter of rents on average to 16 Turkish Liras, in which renting an apartment with an area of 100 meters is about 1600 Turkish liras.

Of course, these figures will remain relative as this figure may be below or above the average, depending on the area where the property is rented.

Studies also show that the sale price of real estate in Istanbul has witnessed a move in April, where the price per square meter reaches 4148 Turkish liras.

As with leasing, you can also face the same differences in selling, since this figure may be above or below the average depending on where the property is bought or sold.

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