Imtilak Properties

A Qatari company has participated with the Turkish construction company Bana in the 228-apartment within the city project in Bakirtepe district in Istanbul.

The partnership was held by Bana Construction Group and the Bawakir Group related to the Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi’s Family, President of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars. Bana, which signed the successful Brooklyn project, recently launched the City project, 828 apartments in the Bakirtepe district of Istanbul worth 200 million USD.

This agreement is the first of its kind for the Qatari company in Turkey in the field of Turkey's real estate.

The city project was the reason for the first meeting of the two companies mentioned above, where the project will start after a meeting was organized by representatives of both parties, which was the signing of an agreement between the parties, and the completion of the project by the company Bana for construction within 3 years.

The project is one of the major projects in the Bakirtepe district where a major urban transformation is taking place in Istanbul. This project will be an important turning point for this ancient region.

1,812 apartments and 108 shops will be built within the project in this new project agreed by the two companies which is the City project.