Istanbul News

Date of publication : 2015-11-09
Imtilak real estate is contributing in Turkish exhibition 2015 for owning, real estate investments and financing during 4-8/11/2015 with the contribution of the elite of foreign and Arab investors. CNR EXPO the sponsor of this exhibition works to attract the best Arab companies in the field of the real estate, businessmen, investors and the capitals in the Middle East , Russia, Europe and Asia and provide a suitable place to exchange the experiences and interests about ... Read more
Date of publication : 2016-03-21
The Countdown of the Cityscape Turkey Real Estate has Started The preparations for Cityscape Turkey 2016, the most extensive and largest real estate investment exhibition, continue expeditiously. Cityscape Turkey, which will be held at the Istanbul Convention Center between 24-26 March 2016, will bring together the national and international companies and investors who guide the real estate development sector. Due to high interest, Cityscape reservations completed in a short time "This exhibition makes direct foreign investment in the real ... Read more
As the construction works continue at Istanbul's Third Airport, which will be the largest airport in the world, the prices of the real estates, lands, and residential units, in the surrounding area, continue to rise. The most strategic areas for the third Istanbul airport Mr. Ozkur Tugan, a commercial real estate expert, believes that Şişli, Esentepe, and Gayrettepe districts will gain more importance, pushing the prices of the real estates up in a massive increase. The strategic ... Read more
The strategic location of Zeytinburnu: As the property prices rose unevenly in the city of Istanbul, Zeytinburnu, with its excellent location between the historic peninsula and the International Airport of Istanbul, is considered as one of the most important investment centers that attract the real estate investors. Zeytinburnu is separated from the historic peninsula, which is considered the center of Istanbul, by only historic walls. Moreover, it is only 20 minutes away from the International Airport ... Read more
Date of publication : 2016-10-07
The Turkish government continues to work at full speed to complete and deliver the Eurasia tunnel  project. This double-deck tunnel will connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul crossing Bosphorus Strait beneath the seabed. Each storey of the tunnel shall contain a highway of two tracks that can be used for cars and buses. President Erdogan will be the one inaugurating the Eurasia Tunnel As they are putting the finishing touches on the tunnel, the Turkish president, ... Read more
After on the Turkish government's decision to move out the military outposts and camps located inside the Turkish cities, following the failed military coup in Turkey in the fifteenth of July 2016, a lot of questions emerged about the fate of these extensive camps and public lands, where very large tracts of land that are strategically located in the best areas of each city of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and in Turkey's major cities. Converting Mitris ... Read more