Imtilak Properties

The construction company (IGA) in charge of the construction operations of the Istanbul third airport published photographs related to the operations of pouring asphalt paths and runways within the new airport.

The company is currently pouring asphalt on the aircraft trails of about 3 thousand and 750 meters length and 60 meters width, so that the huge (Airbus A380) and (Boeing 747) aircraft would take off and land quite comfortably.

The Executive Director of the company, Mr. Yusuf Akshay Oglu, said that the region in which the aircraft tracks were put used to be a swamp before. About the last stages of construction reached, he said: "Reaching this point of progress, constructing this region, and pouring the first paths with asphalt was achieved only after a very great effort. The flight paths will become comfortable and very appropriate for the large planes taking off and landing, and we are proud to reach this point, thanks to all the parties and entities that contributed to the delivery of this nice work.''

Invitation to hire within the airport

On the other hand, the Chairman of Executive Board in the company, Mr. Husein Keskin, announced that the registration to rent a place in the new airport started. Adding that they, so far, sent an invitation for 60 airlines and services companies to join the airport.