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Yuksak Burjeh Takes the Sea Tunnel

: 2017-05-30 Modified date : 2019-04-09

Yuksak Burjeh Takes the Sea Tunnel
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A contract has been signed with Yuksak Burjeh International Joint Stock Company, which won the construction of the new 3-storey Istanbul Tunnel, two floors for round-trip cars and a metro floor. Working on the project will begin soon.

The company started working on the project after conducting a study on the floor in addition to the studies on the project in terms of engineering.

The new Istanbul tunnel contract was opened by the Directorate of Investments and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Communications, Transport and Maritime Works of the Republic of Turkey in the last days, the International Yuksak Burjeh has earned the highest rating.

The company will start its business by taking samples from the seabed and the land from which the tunnel route will pass on the European and Asian continents of Istanbul and the initial work will begin.

The project will consist of 3 floors, the middle floor will be a metro corridor, the upper and lower floors are two cars corridors, one takes the direction of the goings and the other takes the direction of the comings.

The new tunnel will be integrated with the city's existing railways as well as the city's highways such as the E-5 highway, as well as several metro and other transportation stations.

The project will be integrated with 9 metro lines along with the E-5 and TEM highways. The company aims to complete the project within 5 years from now. The tunnel within the tunnel project will span 14 stations in total linked to the European and Asian parts.

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