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Underground Trains Are Accused of Raising property prices 30% in Istanbul

: 2017-10-24

Underground Trains Are Accused of Raising property prices 30% in Istanbul
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According to real estate experts, the five metro lines currently under construction in many parts of the metropolitan city Istanbul will directly affect real estate prices, which has been experiencing high demands for real estate in recent years, and which makes the real estate sector very attractive for those wishing to invest in a short term.

Moreover, according to a recent study by the Turkish Anatolia News Agency, the new five metro lines in Istanbul play a major role in raising the prices of real estate in the city, especially in the areas where these lines pass. The study also indicates a positive relationship between the price of the property and the proximity of the metro station Where the price increases whenever the station is close to where the property is located.

The Kayshihir and Bashakshahir metro line is one example of the impact of transportation on real estate prices. The figures show that this metro line has raised property prices by more than 30 percent in some of these areas.

The metro line located on the Asian continent of Istanbul is also among the vital lines in the city. This line will link the Chekmekoy-Sinjaktepe-Sultan Bailey district. The line will be 17.8 km long and consists of 14 stations extending along the above-mentioned route, while The traffic areas of the Kainarga-Pendik-Tuzla metro line have witnessed a quantum leap that is now evident in the case of real estate prices in these areas.

On the other hand, the European part of the city is witnessing a significant increase in the large real estate projects that have made an investment in transportation infrastructure which is encouraging. The metro line connecting the region of Kirazli-Halkli and is one of these important projects that will connect two densely populated areas.

Similarly, the metro line extended on the Omrania- Atasihirr-Goztepe route in Asia is a very important vital project that will connect three districts of Istanbul with each other and transport hundreds of thousands of passengers per day.

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