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Istanbul Starring with Two Saudi Projects Worth Billion Dollars!

: 2016-11-22

Istanbul Starring with Two Saudi Projects Worth Billion Dollars!
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Ibrahim Maasefeh, Executive Director at Akzirve Real Estate which is a subsidiary company of the Saudi Al-Qemam Group, said "We currently continue working on investment two projects in Istanbul that worth about billion US dollars."

This came in his response to the Anatolia's question about the company's investments in Turkey, where he said, "I cannot identify a specific number of the total of our investments, but we continue working on the two up mentioned projects."

He explained that the first project is in Bahçe?ehir and the other is in Zeytinburnu in Istanbul, without giving further details.

He stressed that the Turkish market is always promising, adding that "For 25 years, we have never hesitated, but we continued to invest increasingly."

He continued, "During our stay in Turkey, we have witnessed many political elections and economic vicissitudes, but we benefited from the economic stability in Turkey from the beginning."

Mr. Maasefeh pointed out that Turkey's economy is currently in the 18th place in the list of the world largest economies, and it aims to enter the top 10 economies of the world by 2023.

He pointed out that houses sales in Turkey during the first nine months of this year exceeded the 935 thousand properties.

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