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World's Biggest Airport in Istanbul

The Third Airport in Turkey will open many of opportunity for Investment That will effect on fields including Real Estate investment in Turkey.

2017-06-08 Last update 2020-02-13

World's Biggest Airport in Istanbul

The Minister of Communications, Transport, and Maritime of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, presented a press statement during the opening of the first section of the third Istanbul Grand Airport, the first part of which will be operated next year. The Minister said that this project is the largest of its kind in Turkey and will be a great opportunity to bring many Investments in Turkey.

Arslan said that Turkey has made great progress in the field of air transport, especially after the opening of this area by the government to enter private companies, and activated 55 airports throughout the country in the past 10 years, which was 25 airports in the past, the number of local and international passengers has increased from 35 million to 180 million each year.

He noted that this mega project is the largest project in the history of Turkey, and will be established through public-private cooperation with an investment volume of 10 billion euros. The co-operation will be for 25 years. Therefore, the Profit is expected to reach 22 billion euros during this period.

He added that this airport will serve more than 200 million passengers annually after entering service, and said that it is currently reaching 282 points around the world, and will increase to 350 points after the opening of the airport.

The airport will provide 30,000 job opportunities, which is very important to support the Turkish economy and push it forward. By 2025, the third airport is expected to contribute 4.9 percent of total non-net domestic product.

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