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"The Seagull" a New Project Under Construction in Istanbul

: 2017-03-09

"The Seagull" a New Project Under Construction in Istanbul
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Istanbul municipality announced that it has launched a new project integrates a shipping port, with ground transportation, and the railways in the "Kabata?" district that is located in the European part of Istanbul.

The project which is designed by the engineer, "Hakan Kiran" will have an area of 11,243 square meters of Bosporus, where the total area of the project will be about 19,230 square meters, including aquariums and berths.

The project is scheduled to link the districts of "Uskudar" and "Kabata? " through a tunnel for pedestrians and bicycles under the Bosporus, and two-storey underground down "Kabata?" square will be created, and it the first floor will contain cars parking, while the second floor will contain a Metro Station, corridors to the public, and 12 shops, including offices and cafes.

An Open Square in a Form of Seagull Bird

At the same time, it will be possible to take advantage of the open square designed in the form of "Seagull bird", where it will host events and celebrations for the New Year's Eve, and events of the month of Ramadan.

Improving the Capacity of the Ports

Where the absorptive capacity of passengers from the ferry port will rise by %80, there will be four outlets, the main port will be used to serve the city line, while there will be two outlets of small ships, the closest port to the region, “Karakoy" will use the sea buses.

Preservation of Monuments

The project will ensure the protection of monuments in the area, like mosque, "Mullah Chalabi" (Molla Çelebi), and Ali Pasha Fountain, Koga Yusuf Pasha Fountain, and other monuments.

 Professor, "Hussein Derek," explained in a report that the project will include planting 510 trees between the ages of 5 years and 100 years.

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