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Starting the works of Istanbul Grand Tunnel

: 2017-08-03

Starting the works of Istanbul Grand Tunnel
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The Istanbul Tunnel project, which will connect the Asian and European continents from under the sea, which will be used when completed by 6.5 million people on a daily basis, It will be effectively started with the construction of a road and a railway at the same time, which will be The first of its kind in this context.

The tunnel will be the first of its kind in the world since it will also include a metro rail inside it. In the context of the preliminary preparations of the tunnel to conduct studies and analysis necessary for the floor of the seabed, and was used in this context by the ship, "Phroogo Scott," which came from Panama, and which is used specifically to conduct studies of this kind.

Construction of the roads in this tunnel will be done by the Directorate General of Roads, and the railway for the metro will be built by the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

It was started by the Phroogo Scott ship in the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul and the vessel is also accompanied by a trailer for conducting the study on the floor of the seabed.

The ship is 84 meters long and 20 meters wide. It is expected that this vessel will remain for a long period of time in order to carry out these studies. At the end of these studies, work will begin on the tunnel route. The drilling procedures will then be carried out.

This will be the largest tunnel of its kind in the world and the first such tunnel. The central section of the tunnel will be dedicated for the metro line.

Both upper and lower sections will be dedicated to the passage of wheeled vehicles, and each road will be in the form of two-way lines. The end of the tunnel will be connected with 9 metro lines as well as Istanbul's highways.

The tunnel is expected to be completed within 5 years from the start date, and will be constructed based on the principle of construction - operation - conversion.

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