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Real Estate Prices Increase Due to the Existence of Metro Lines in Istanbul

: 2017-09-12

Real Estate Prices Increase Due to the Existence of Metro Lines in Istanbul
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It is known that there is a positive relationship between the prices of real estate, the increase in the number of transport lines and the potential of these transport and the lines of subway trains (Metro) on real estate prices very much in large metropolitan cities such as Istanbul.

Studies conducted by real estate and transport experts show that there is a great demand for areas with underground parking, and found that these parking garages are playing a big role in attracting local and foreign investors alike to a district that may not have been Intended by investors.

One of the most important routes is the metro line between Kayasahir and Basaksehir, where property prices have risen significantly along this axis, and the rise continues. The region attracts investors' attention and is intended for a large number of foreign investors in general and Arabs in particular. This new route is one of the most vital areas in the European part of Istanbul.

As for the Asian part of Istanbul, the subway line connecting the Cakmakoy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbili districts, which is 17.8 km long and consists of 14 metro stations, is one of the main axes in this part of the city.

This line will cause property prices to rise significantly in this area. On the other hand, the metro line connecting the areas of Kainarga - Pendik - Tuzla will increase the prices of properties in the axis extending along the metro line as well.

Returning to the European part, the obvious effect of the new metro line linking the Halkali and Kirazli areas can be seen in real estate prices in the region, where real estate prices are still rising in these areas. The region has attracted many mega-branded real estate projects.

It is expected that the metro line being constructed between the areas Umrania - Atasahir - Guztepe will affect the real estate prices and monthly rental allowance for properties located in these districts in a high and direct manner.

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