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Started 1st Project from 8 Projects

: 2017-05-03 Modified date : 2019-03-30

Started 1st Project from 8 Projects
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Started 1st Project from 8 Projects |Istanbul Real Estate Listings
ECA for construction is working on the first part of the Kordon Istanbul project with a value of 820 million Turkish liras, and selling the apartments in the first section by the company will start in the coming days.

The first part of the project is of two phases, in the form of 10 buildings, comprising 559 apartments and 55 shopping centers, ranging from 1 + 0 to 1 + 4. This project will be an initial part of a mega project worth 2.5 billion Turkish Liras.

The apartments in the Kordon Istanbul project range from 41 square meters to 226 square meters per apartment. The project is considered one of the projects that are suitable for the environment through its horizontal architectural style and social facilities. The project will contribute to adding value to the economy as well, For more than a thousand and 250 people.

The project is located in a very vital area in Istanbul and is easily accessible by public transports, highways, metro lines, and the planned metro line to be built soon, the project is close to the vital districts of Istanbul such as "Mecediakoy" "Levent”, Maslak", "Taksim" and "Besiktas".

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