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A New Real Estate Exhibition in Istanbul and a Meeting of 1000 Arab Investors

: 2017-12-06

A New Real Estate Exhibition in Istanbul and a Meeting of 1000 Arab Investors
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Istanbul will see a meeting of more than 1,000 Arab investors in the real estate sector and the construction sector at an exhibition in Istanbul to be organized by the Association of Arab-Turkish Cooperation between 6-8 December. More than 30 Turkish construction companies In addition to nearly 100 companies engaged in construction products will take part in this exhibition.

The exhibition will be attended by Arab and Turkish investors, with the participation of a large number of politicians and heads of Turkish and Arab chambers of commerce.

The meeting aims to increase the number of Arab real estate investments in the Turkish real estate market, the marketing of Turkish real estate in the Arab markets, and the development of joint real estate projects between Arab and Turkish investors.

Legal services will be provided to Arab investors wishing to invest in Turkey by guiding them to invest in the right ways with the help of the specialized teams in this field.

Arab investors form nearly 40 percent of the number of foreign investors in real estate in Turkey, where Arab investors in the third quarter of 2017 bought more than 7,000 apartments in Turkey.

Turkey has become a safe haven for Arab investors interested in investing, and the main destination of a large number of Arabs coming from the Gulf countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular, after the unrest in the Arab region in general.

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