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A New Railway Line Connects Istanbul to the Third Airport

: 2017-11-20

A New Railway Line Connects Istanbul to the Third Airport
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Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmad Arslan, said that the Turkish government has begun the necessary preparations for the railway line between the areas of "Gayrettepe" and the third airport in Istanbul.

Minister Arslan added that 73% of the third airport’s construction had been finished and that there was very rapid construction work at the airport.

He added that the Turkish government has increased the number of airports in the country during the last 15 years from 26 to 55 airports, thus increasing the number of passengers from 34.5 million to 180 million passengers, and said: “We expect the number of passengers by the end of 2017 to reach 189 million passengers or a traveler.”

The minister also pointed to the importance of the third airport in Istanbul, because Ataturk airport has no additional capacity due to the great pressure on it, so the Turkish government decided to build the new airport in the European part of Istanbul, which will relieve pressure and increase capacity as well as it will generate new job opportunities In the structure of this airport.

The new Istanbul’s third airport is expected to transport 90 million passengers annually in its first phase, which will open on October 29 next year. The airport will be connected to Istanbul via a network of land and rail transport. The necessary preparations for linking the airport with an area of Gayrettepe in Istanbul has been initiated.

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