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The New Metro Projects Continue to Progress in Istanbul

: 2018-03-07

The New Metro Projects Continue to Progress in Istanbul
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The new metro lines, which are constantly being built in other Turkish cities, play a major role in activating the movement in the real estate sector as well and constitute one of the most important factors that attract investors to real estate projects.

The following is a preview of some of the new metro lines projects in 2018:

The second section of the metro project between the Uskudar-Umrania- Chekmekoy areas is one of the most important projects to be completed in 2018. Where this huge project is underway to be done as soon as possible, also it is considered one of the world's most unique projects and will be the first metro train of its kind in the world, fully operated without a driver.

The 19-station Kabatash-Besktach-Mecediakoy metro line will be one of the longest and most dynamic and will have a positive effect on the rapid movement of real estate along the extended line in these areas.

Currently, work is underway on the construction of a surface metro line connecting the areas of Halkali and Gebze, which will be built between the European and Asian continents. It is an extension of the Marmaray line connecting the two continents under the sea. It will extend 76.6 kilometers in total and will transport 75,000 passengers per hour.

On the other hand, Construction works continue on several other metro projects, such as the line connecting Sabiha Gokjane Airport with Tafshantepe area, and the metro line connecting the new airport with Istanbul's Gayrettepe district.

Source: EmlakKulasi

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