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New Construction Rules Come into Force in Istanbul

: 2018-01-16 Modified date : 2019-04-11

New Construction Rules Come into Force in Istanbul
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The new law issued by the Ministry of urbanization and Environment related to construction and building has entered into force, moreover, new rules and regulations were introduced under the name of the "New Structural Plan in Istanbul."

The municipality council of Istanbul approved the new plan and in this way changed the old plan that was applied over the years, and the architectural style of the city was organized in detail.

One of the striking aspects of the new plan is the addition of a new condition to the structural plan, which requires the preservation of the aesthetic view within each newly constructed building. The new building should be harmonized with the surrounding area. Whether the slope, depth or the like and a basic condition has been set for each new building, which requires the establishment of an elevator in each building In addition to parking for at least one car per apartment.

The new plan states that from now on the apartments’ types cannot be less than 1 + 1 and as no 1 + 0 apartments will be built. Permits will henceforth be granted for the construction of suspended floors in commercial buildings with housing permits, In addition, to set strict conditions to verify the apartments in the basements of buildings.  

Source: Huriet Gazette       

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