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Military Outposts Transforming into Gardens in Esenler

: 2016-10-05

Military Outposts Transforming into Gardens in Esenler
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After on the Turkish government's decision to move out the military outposts and camps located inside the Turkish cities, following the failed military coup in Turkey in the fifteenth of July 2016, a lot of questions emerged about the fate of these extensive camps and public lands, where very large tracts of land that are strategically located in the best areas of each city of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and in Turkey's major cities.

Converting Mitris Camp to July 15th Martyrs' Park

Speaking about the camps located in Istanbul, "Mitris" camp in Esenler area is one of the largest camps in the city. It was under the command of Infantry Regiment Forty Seventh, with land area reaches up to 170 acres. The municipality decided to transform this camp and its lands to a public park for the city under the name of " July 15th Martyrs' Park."

In this regard, The Mayor of Esenler, Mr. Tawfik Kokso, stated that Esenler provided 10 martyrs in the events of the failed military coup, and they want to commemorate the martyrs' name by naming some of the schools and fields in the area after them. They want to transform the camp, which was evacuated by the army, to a public garden in the city, and they would call it July 15th Martyrs' Park, adding that the bulk of the camp land is a natural green territory, so it is expected to be quickly converted into a public park, and enter into service within a short period.

The park will include a footpath, bike path, units of sport events, and spaces for hiking and recreation, in addition to units of children's games, units of social events, and open spaces for books reading.

Municipality of Esenler Heading to Establish the World's Third Largest Park

In addition to the area been evacuated by the army, there is another military land that was ceded previously by the military to the municipality of Esenler. The land area is about ??8.7 million square meters, and was planned to have a project called human face city on its ground.

However, 2.5 million square meters of this land was allocated to create a public park for the city, to become by that the largest park in the world been created within the project of cultural transformation. This park would also become the world's third largest park in terms of area. Many different museums shall be established in the park, including the largest art museum in the world, which will display hundreds of historical artifacts.

 It is planned that 10 million tourists will visit the museum yearly, after establishing a biological park and zoo in the park, as well as establishing books valley, which will include digital and classic libraries. These gardens will significantly contribute to raise the green spaces in Esenler area to become 6.8 million square meters, after it was ??335 thousand square meters.

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