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Latest News about Istanbul’s Third Airport

: 2017-11-09

Latest News about Istanbul’s Third Airport
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The Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmed Arslan, said in a recent speech at the International Public Transport Exhibition in Istanbul, held from 1-3 November that 70% of the third Istanbul airport has been completed.

"The first stage of this airport will be inaugurated on October 28, 2018, and services will be provided to more than 200 million passengers by 2023," Arslan said. He added that 70% meant much to the Turkish government, this stage is within a very short time. The third Istanbul airport, which is currently under construction, has started to receive international awards, although it has not yet been inaugurated.

The Third airport in Istanbul is witnessing an unprecedented response by many doers in the field of air transport, where a large number of global giants have been offered to take part in the operation of this huge project. The project also receives praise of another kind in design. The design has won several international awards, including a design award in the category of future projects and infrastructure for the terminal building at the airport in 2016 by the management of the International Architecture Festival.

As a result of its expansion on a huge area, the airport will contain a large number of runways, bridges, waiting rooms and lounges, and includes 6 runways for landing and takeoff aircraft, also ?t w?ll provide a maintenance station for 500 aircraft at the same time.

Istanbul's third airport will be the world's largest airport after its completion and operation. The airport is expected to provide 100,000 job opportunities and will accelerate Turkey's rapidly growing economy.

Air traffic from Ataturk airport to the third airport will be fully converted, and Ataturk Airport will be transformed into exhibitions city.

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