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Istanbul Stock Exchange & a New Record - Istanbul Investment

: 2017-07-01 Modified date : 2019-04-10

Istanbul Stock Exchange & a New Record - Istanbul Investment
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The value of shares on the Istanbul Stock Exchange rose to a record high of 0.80 percent and hit a new record today, the highest level since its establishment to date.

The stock market reached its highest level last week, recording 100.990.50 points and fluctuated to reach 99.1418.58, which is a very large figure, although it was the smallest in the week. The price of the dollar and gold fell in the domestic and foreign markets In the meantime, adding to the strength of the stock exchange.

The gold price of the ounce of gold of the caliber 24 in the gold markets in Istanbul increased by 0.78 and sold one gram at 140.80 Turkish lira, and the price of quadruple gold to 231 Turkish lira, and the price of gold (lira gold) to 942 Turkish liras.

The US dollar was at its usual level against the Turkish lira and witnessed a level of exchange of 3.5170 Turkish liras per dollar, a strong indicator that shows the strength of the Turkish lira in world markets against other foreign currencies.

The stock market experts said that Istanbul Stock Exchange was the biggest market in this year, which brought profit to investors, and is the first market in Europe this year in terms of increasing the value of shares traded in it, which led to a large number of foreign investors in this year’s stock market.

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