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The Opening of Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones Exhibition

The 49th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gadgets Exhibition opened today in Istanbul.

2019-10-10 Last update 2020-02-13

The Opening of Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones Exhibition

The 49th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gadgets Exhibition opened today in Istanbul. Countries from all over the world, from Eastern Europe to Central Asia, from Russia to the Middle East, from South Africa to the Turkish republics are participating.

Istanbul Jewelry Exhibition is a great meeting for companies and customers and plays a role in establishing and consolidating relationships between these companies.

However, the exhibition will continue to receive visitors and those interested in this matter within the Expo City CNR, until the thirteenth day of October.

What opportunities does the Istanbul Jewelry Fair offer?

Istanbul Jewelry Exhibition is one of the most famous jewelry fairs in the world and witnesses a remarkable turnout of specialists in this field and a large presence from the Arab region and all the international countries.

The Jewelry Exhibition in Istanbul offers:

  • Opportunity to meet more than 800 companies of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstones, pearls, wallflower and silver, watches and display decorations, machinery and equipment, and modern jewelry.
  • It also provides an opportunity to meet with all jewelry professionals, manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, exporters, designers and suppliers.
  • The most important new products, and the latest designs in the jewelry industry and watches.
  • Istanbul Jewelry Show is the best shopping center with special products, targeting customers in Russia, the Middle East, the European Union, North Africa, the Turkish Republics, and Eastern Europe.
  • It is the best place to buy the best Jewelry at the best prices.
Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones Exhibition,

Istanbul Jewelry Exhibition Services

The exhibition provides some logistics services that play a role in making it successful, the most important of which are:

- Free transportation dedicated to the exhibition from several areas in Istanbul.

- A media center that provides its services throughout the days of the show.

- Hall Meetings.

- Two mosques are available at the entrance of the exhibition city.

- Providing health services throughout the exhibition.

- The exhibition square is equipped with free Wi-Fi.

- Restaurants and cafes offer food and drink services.

- Children under 15 years old forbidden to attend, with separate space provided for children.

Exhibition Adress:

Yeşilköy Mh., CNR Expo, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul

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