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Istanbul's Third Airport Is %95 Ready

Executive Director of Istanbul's third airport, "Yusuf Akçayoğlu" confirmed that finishing the first phase of the airport is under progress...

2017-03-14 Last update 2020-02-09

Istanbul's Third Airport Is %95 Ready

Executive Director of Istanbul's third airport, "Yusuf Akçayo?lu" confirmed that finishing the first phase of the airport is under progress, where nearly 95 percent of the airport building has been finished.

Akçayo?lu said that 2.2 million cubic meters of concrete has been used in the construction of the airport so far, and efforts are still being exerted to put the finishing touches on the airport terminal, and that it had begun to work on the front of some of the parts of the building.

Akçayo?lu indicated that the reason for the delay in the building’s workflow is the snowfall in the last period, despite that, nearly 95 percent of the airport business has been completed.

He also added that testing the technical areas will be initiated next December, such as escalators, elevators starting.

Furthermore, Akçayo?lu pointed out that the airport will be provided with power during June, where its need for power will be about 250 MW, pointing out that this figure is higher than the total consumption of power by some Turkish cities.

Control Tower Almost Finished

According to the statement by Akçayo?lu building the structure of the control tower has been completed, and working to finish the interface will start with some other parts, where the total height of the tower will be 90 meters when completed.

In a related context, the tower which was designed by the two international companies, AECOM" for technology and "Pininfarina" for Design, it had got the International Architecture Award for 2016 for its distinctive design.

What distinguishes Istanbul’s Third Airport, its unique design that is inspired by the daisy flower.


The Construction Process is Going on a Regular Basis

He also indicated that the opening of the first phase of the airport will be in the first quarter of next year 2017 and its construction is about to be finished, where the number of workers on this project will be increased to nearly 30 thousand, which was considered too difficult.

Istanbul’s new airport will be the biggest in terms of area, compared to the world’s airports, with an estimated area of about 7,500 hectares, and will be located in "Arnavutköy" district in the north of Istanbul.

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