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Erdogan Launches the Turkish Electric Car

The electric car is manufactured with pure Turkish technologies, works with an autonomous-driving system, and equipped w...

Erdogan | Istanbul Canal Project Cannot be Postponed

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the Istanbul Canal project is a project that cannot...

Moody's Raises its Outlook on Turkey's Economic Growth

Turkey's economy is growing faster and faster than expected, Moody's International said in its report on the global econ...

Fitch Revises Turkey's Economy from Negative to Stable

The Turkish economy has maintained its growth and stability despite recent developments in Turkey's political arena, and...

Turkey's Passport Is Ranked 34th in the World

In remarkable progress, the Turkish passport advances globally. Turkey's passport has made a new advanced position accor...

Tidings for Syrians Real Estate Ownership in Turkey

Mr. Abdulla Al Hammad stressed the importance of the meeting, expressing his deep gratitude for the constructive ideas a...

Citizenship includes Those Who Bought Properties before the Turkish Nationality Law

Great news for property owners bought in Turkey before the issuance of the Turkish Nationality Law

14 Countries in the World Announced this Year "Turkey Real Estate Year"

Turkey's real estate sales to foreigners in the first two months of this year 2019 reached 6,500 properties, which made...

Istanbul Third Airport Is a Good Start and Extended Horizons

The operational opening of Istanbul Airport on April 6, 2019. The launch of the world's largest airport, which strengthe...

Is the Palestinian Entitled to Own Property in Turkey? Finally a Turkish Decision Allows!

Is the Palestinian entitled to own property in Turkey? Finally, Turkey allows all Palestinians to own real estate in Tur...

First Azan of the Çamlica Mosque Istanbul: The Largest Mosque in Turkey

Çamlıca Mosque in Istanbul, at dawn on Thursday, witnessed the first azan after it was completed and ready for the openi...

Foreigners Ownership of Properties in Turkey Rose 82% in January 2019

Again, foreigners' property ownership recorded new records. Statistics from the Turkish Statistics Agency showed a rise...

"Our customers prefer Turkish nationality instead of the European," said the GM of Imtilak Real Estate Group to the Financial Times

Turkish citizenship is an appropriate solution for many Arab citizens! Abdulla Al-Hammad, General Manager of Imtilak Rea...

Rise in Foreign Ownership of Property in Turkey: 1.4 Million Apartments Sold During 2018

Turkish statistics agency revealed new figures relating to the high rate of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey a...

95% Hotel Occupancy Rate for New Year's Eve 2019: Will Hotel Prices Rise in Istanbul?

Istanbul hotel prices are on the rise, with hotel occupancy now at its highest ever, at 95% on New Year's Eve

Citizenship In Return For Ownership Contract: Significant Amendment to the Turkish Nationality Law

The Turkish Official Gazette published a new amendment to the terms of granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners in for...

Trade Fairs in Turkey for December 2018

Turkey's most important trade fair for December 2018 in Turkish cities, mainly Istanbul, the trade and events center in...

The Turkish President to Inaugurate the Largest Botanical Park in Europe

The date of the opening of the National Park of Basaksehir was announced on 17 November 2018

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship
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