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Fairs in Istanbul for the Month of April 2019

There are also fairs in Istanbul 2019, and the number of people interested in the various activities continues to increase

2019-03-30 Last update 2020-02-13

Fairs in Istanbul for the Month of April 2019

The most prominent fairs in Istanbul 2019 that will take place in April, coinciding with the opening of the summer tourist season, and the increase in the number of interested in the Turkish commercial sectors of various types of crafts, educational, artistic and cultural.

There are also fairs in Istanbul 2019, and the number of people interested in the various activities continues to increase. Istanbul's most prominent exhibition for this period is the second exhibition of construction management, utilities, and services, which is expected to be of interest to those interested with a remarkable presence of real estate professionals.

Fairs in Istanbul 2019 for the month of April

In the following table, Imtilak has collected the data and dates of the fairs in Istanbul 2019 for this month. The table included the website of each fair of Istanbul 2019, which provides easy access to the place and to see the details of the exact events in the city of fairs Istanbul, and within unique halls and hotels.

The exhibition included a wide range of fields such as education, training, real estate, construction, photography, journalism, energy, food, contracting, decoration ... and many others within about 27 fairs, we invite you to see them below and visit the fairs you are interested in during your next trip to Istanbul, paradise of the world, the capital of the world!

Start End Fair Name PLace Website
02/04/2019 03/04/2019 Training and Higher Education and University fair Istanbul
03/04/2019 06/04/2019 The 22nd International Exhibition of Shoes and Fashion Yesilkoy, Istanbul
03/04/2019 06/04/2019 The second fair of construction management, facilities, and services Istanbul
04/04/2019 04/04/2019 The International fair of Photography, Media and Journalism Yesilkoy, Istanbul
04/04/2019 06/04/2019 International Solar and Technology fair Yesilkoy, Istanbul
04/04/2019 04/04/2019 Meeting of the technician, designer, contractor and supplier Istanbul, Besiktas
04/04/2019 07/04/2019 Food, cleaning, cosmetics, electronics and textiles exhibition Conference Center, Istanbul
05/04/2019 06/04/2019 Interior Design fair Istanbul
04/04/2019 07/04/2019 Production, sale, and maintenance of cars Istanbul
04/04/2019 07/04/2019 fair of techniques agriculture, livestock, sowing and irrigation Istanbul, Gunguren
10/04/2019 12/04/2019 Istanbul Industrial Cleaning Conference and fair Istanbul
10/04/2019 11/04/2019 The international conference of the chain stores and their goods and equipment Istanbul
10/04/2019 12/04/2019 10th International fair of Traffic and Road Safety Yesilkoy, Istanbul
11/04/2019 13/04/2019 Conference and fair of Antiquities Technologies and Museums Hilton Hotel, Istanbul
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 The 16th fair of Dental and Oral Health Yesilkoy, Istanbul
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Expo Medical Products and Medical Equipment and Medical Tourism Yesilkoy, Istanbul
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Fair of bicycles and equipment Yenikapi, Istanbul
11/04/2019 14/04/2019 Mosque Construction Equipment fair Yesilkoy, Istanbul
13/04/2019 16/04/2019 Fair of structural decoration in the south of Aegean: construction, decoration, furniture, side gardens, and electricity Istanbul       -
17/04/2019 20/04/2019 Fair of wires, pipes and steel clips Istanbul
17/04/2019 20/04/2019 Fair of wires, cables, and electrical equipment Istanbul
17/04/2019 20/04/2019 Exhibition of natural gas, heating and air conditioning Istanbul
18/04/2019 19/04/2019 Summit and Exhibition of Clean Coal and its Techniques Istanbul
18/04/2019 20/04/2019 Exhibition of medical equipment and techniques and laboratories Istanbul
18/04/2019 20/04/2019 Pharmaceutical industry and techniques Istanbul
23/04/2019 27/04/2019 Home Textile Exhibition Yesilkoy, Istanbul
25/04/2019 26/04/2019 7th Istanbul Smart Networks and Cities Exhibition Conference Center, Istanbul



Defense Industry Exhibition: Ground and Marine Defense, Space, Transport, Logistics Istanbul

As for the rest of the Turkish cities, here is a link to the fairs in Turkey this month, bringing you about 40 specialized fairs, in all governorates of Turkey, from Imtilak Real Estate through this link.

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