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CNR Emlak 2015 Exhibition

: 2015-11-07 Modified date : 2019-03-06

CNR Emlak 2015 Exhibition
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Imtilak real estate is contributing in Turkish exhibition 2015 for owning, real estate investments and financing during 4-8/11/2015 with the contribution of the elite of foreign and Arab investors.

CNR EXPO the sponsor of this exhibition works to attract the best Arab companies in the field of the real estate, businessmen, investors and the capitals in the Middle East , Russia, Europe and Asia and provide a suitable place to exchange the experiences and interests about real estate owning and investment in Turkey to establish luxury composites, shopping centers and villa composites inside the real estate of Istanbul.

This exhibition provides real estate tour to visit the real estates and properties, see it in reality and watch the under construction projects.

This exhibition notices a huge proceeding for investors from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, UE, Germany, America, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

This exhibition concentrates on the important projects that relate to real estates in Turkey and the world such like structural expand, self-service and environment friendly buildings, active projects like the third bridge of Istanbul, the channel of Istanbul, the third airport of Istanbul and the projects related to roads and modern autostradas.

We must indicate that this copy is the third copy of Turkish real estate exhibition, the first one started in 2013 and the collective bying for real estate by Arab investors was 120 million dollar in 2013, and this number is expected to upraise and reach 500 million dollar by this year after the politic stable that has followed the last election at November 2015.

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