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Finally Cars Parking under the Highways in Istanbul

: 2017-04-18 Modified date : 2019-03-30

Finally Cars Parking under the Highways in Istanbul
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Cars Parking under the Highways in Istanbul - Istanbul Investment

The issue of car parks in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is one of the most urgent issues awaiting resolution, especially after the increase of private cars in the last few years and the central and local administrations take many measures in this regard. The last measures were conducted by the Ministry of Urbanization and Environment.

The Ministry decided to impose a condition on the residential projects, from now on there should be allocation of at least one parking for each car of every apartment.

Prof. Mustafa Auturk, the counsellor of the Minister of Urbanization and the Environment, pointed out that this application has been started experimentally in two areas so far and good results have been obtained.

"These empirical districts will serve as a guide for identifying both positive and negative things so that we will be able to arrive at the optimal formula for amendments to the car parking law." He added.

The professor explained that the project’ s draft has been approved at the present time to transform the districts that are located under each of the highways and railways in Istanbul to parking spaces, adding that "working under this context primarily will start of implementing the project under the highways such as E-5 and TEM ".

"This application will be an ideal solution to activate central transport and traffic congestion caused by ground-based underground vehicles," said Ataturk.

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