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First Azan of the Çamlica Mosque Istanbul: The Largest Mosque in Turkey

: 2019-03-08 Modified date : 2019-08-20

First Azan of the Çamlica Mosque Istanbul: The Largest Mosque in Turkey
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Çamlıca Mosque in Istanbul, at dawn on Thursday, witnessed the first azan after it was completed and ready for the opening.

After the Azan, Turks attended the morning prayers at the Great Mosque through the history of Turkey.

The construction of the mosque began six years ago at the summit of Çamlica, the highest peak in Istanbul known as the “Çamlıca Hill “in the Asian part of Istanbul.  

Çamlica Mosque: Multiple sections and unique events

Çamlıca Mosque, built according to Ottoman architecture, occupies an enormous area of 15,000 m2, accommodates about 50,000 worshipers, an 11,000 m2 museum, a 3,000 squm2 exhibition and a 3,000 m2 library.

Çamlıca Mosque

The mosque also includes a lecture hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and parking for three thousand and five hundred cars.

It also features six minarets, in a precedent in Turkey, to match the Sultanahmet historic mosque with six minarets in Istanbul.

Four of them are up to one hundred and seven meters, two are 90 meters long, and the dome is 72 meters tall and 34 meters high.

The mosque will include two floors for women, where the capacity of the women section will be 5 thousand people, and the estimated cost of the mosque about 350 million T.L.

Çamlıca Hill

Experts have designed a special high-quality sound system for the mosque, where the voice of the Azan can be heard from the Topkapi area and the mosque will be carpeted with an area of fourteen thousand m2.

The Asian part of Istanbul

The mosque includes a tunnel length of 3 km to transport worshipers to the mosque, in addition to the seating areas and games dozens of escalators and elevators.

Gardens of 30 acres around the mosque have also been allocated, so visitors can take a stroll and enjoy its view, which is one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul. The gardens overlook the Asian side and the European side of the city, as well as part of the Marmara.


Facts and figures about the Çamlica Mosque in Istanbul, Asia

Number of mosque minarets

6 minarets

The area of the mosque

15 thousand m2

The capacity of the mosque

50 thousand worshipers

Mosque's Dome height

72 meters

The diameter of the Mosque Dome

34 meters

Cost of construction

350 million lira

Year of construction


Year of completion



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