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Big Turnout by Investors on the Residential Lands in Istanbul

: 2017-08-25 Modified date : 2019-04-10

Big Turnout by Investors on the Residential Lands in Istanbul
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Recent real estate reports show that residential lands have been very popular in terms of investors’ turnout, and have even outpaced demand for residential projects in some parts of Istanbul. With returns to residential lands reaching 90 percent over the last three years. Lands revenues have outpaced foreign exchange earnings in many regions. Where it surpassed 90 percent to 68 percent compared to the US dollar.

It is well known that the real estate sector has been very popular during this period. Where the performance of this sector has been successful against foreign currencies in recent years. In addition, it has become one of the most profitable sectors at the moment. Real estate investments in most regions of Istanbul, for example, have more investment income than those in other investment fields.

Data from the Turkish Data Center for the years 2014-2017 indicate that property prices in the city of Istanbul averaged more than 39 percent. On the other hand, the prices of lands allocated for residential purposes increased to more than 90 percent, where the increase overcame many sectors and foreign currencies. Where the district of Avcilar in Istanbul, Europe topped the list of districts where the price of residential lands increased.

On the other hand, the demands for residential land in Istanbul also increased as the districts of Tuzla, Sancaktepe and Pendik topped the list of districts in the Asian section of the city. Land prices in these districts have increased dramatically over the last 3 years, which has led to an increase in the revenues of these lands, and increased demand for them.

Istanbul's Atashir district is also has witnessed a high turnout, with investors having increased interest, after building its global finance center in it. According to a report issued by the Turkish data center, the Bosphorus region has been more popular among investors who want to buy residential lands.

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