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Between Gebze and Darıca... A New Automated Metro Line in Turkey

: 2018-02-07 Modified date : 2019-07-11

Between Gebze and Darıca... A New Automated Metro Line in Turkey
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A railway operation plan has recently been approved in the city of Kocaeli. The plan includes a network of metro lines to be built in the city during the coming period.

The metro line between Gebze and Dar?ca is one of the most important projects in the plan, where the metro will be fully automated (No driver). The Municipality of Kocaeli has announced that the tender for the metro line will be initiated in February 2018 to receive offers from construction companies operating in this field.

The new generation technology (GOA4) will be applied in this new line, which is considered to be one of the latest available technologies, and will implement high standards of efficiency and safety in the new line, as well as an increase of trips that can be implemented within a short period of time.

The capacity of one trip will be: 1,080 passengers, each train consists of 4 compartments, also to will be easy to reach Dar?ca in 19 minutes using this metro.

The new line will consist of 13 stations extending over 15 kilometers and 600 meters. One trip will be initiated every 90 seconds. The project will last for about 1,560 days. Furthermore, 14 kilometers and 700 meters will be underground and 900 meters will be above ground.

The new metro line will be integrated with both the city's regular train station as well as the Marmaray line, which connects the European and Asian continents.

Source: Amlakta son dakika

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