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Announcement of the First Flight's Date in the Huge Istanbul Third Airport

: 2017-08-22

Announcement of the First Flight's Date in the Huge Istanbul Third Airport
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Turkish Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs Minister Ahmed Arslan said that the first plane would land at Istanbul's third airport will be in next February.

The project will be a big and important tool to bring income into the state’s treasury. The airport will be one of the largest airports in the world and will be the hub for a large number of aircraft coming from around the world. For example, aircraft coming from the United States to the airport will be able to carry out transit and launch flights back to other areas, for example in the Near East.

Minister Arslan added that each plane will land or depart from this airport, it must pay the necessary wages and taxes for this, which means additional income will enter the treasury of the state and gives added value to the economy. He added that the airport will be ready for the reception of aircraft in the month of February completely. And that the first section of the airport will be inaugurated on October 29, 2018 and this section will receive and has the capacity to accommodate more than 90 million passengers annually.

The minister also said that Ataturk International Airport would stop serving next year and would be closed, adding that licenses would not be given for construction in the airport area, which would be unloaded. And that the buildings at Ataturk International Airport will be used as showrooms within many exhibition sections.

The third airport’s investments in Istanbul worth € 10 billion and is being implemented in cooperation between the public and private sectors. The airport is expected to generate revenues of € 22 billion, or about $ 23 billion.

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