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83 Thousand New Apartments in the European Part of Istanbul in 2017

: 2017-07-24

83 Thousand New Apartments in the European Part of Istanbul in 2017
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Turkey's real estate sector is considered one of the most dynamic vital investment sectors in Turkey. Where millions of apartments are sold every year in other Turkish cities. The city of Istanbul is one of the most areas in terms of sale and purchase of real estate from apartments and lands. As always, Istanbul has also broken a record this year by buying and selling apartments.

There has been an increase of 16 percent this year compared to last year in terms of new apartments built in the city in the first half of this year. The number of new apartments this year reached 83 thousand new apartments. Which is equivalent to the size of an entire city in some countries, given the large number of new apartments.

The European part of Istanbul alone has more than 4.5 million apartments. A number that is considered a record in terms of over crowdedness, taking into account the population compared to the number of apartments.

Real estate experts attribute this large real estate movement in the city to the great urban transformation taking place in the city, where the city is witnessing a very rapid movement of urban transformation.

Taking into account the total real estate move in the city on all levels, the average number of shops, and apartments that have been moved to it is 463 apartments, shop and commercial store for modern properties. For the used shops, and apartments, the average number was 1.113 in the rest of the city.

It is reported that the number of Arab and foreign families living in the European section of the city of Istanbul reached level of 54 thousand and 88 apartments.

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