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Free transportation in Istanbul at the beginning of the new year, 2020

Istanbul Municipality approved on Wednesday a free transportation day in Istanbul, as usual on national and some religio...

The Environmental Assessment Report of Istanbul Canal is in its Final Stage

The environmental assessment report of the new Istanbul Canal obtained the approval and acceptance of the audit and eval...

Istanbul Canal: the Project of the Era in Turkey

Istanbul canal project is not like any project that happened before, it’s considered one of the successful mega projects...

Erdogan | Istanbul Canal Project Cannot be Postponed

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the Istanbul Canal project is a project that cannot...

Imtilak Real Estate Company Hosted by Kağıthane Municipality, Istanbul

The Director of Public Relations of the Imtilak Real Estate Company Mr. Badr Al-Din Mardini made a friendly visit to the...

Istanbul Canal: The Shinning Project in the Sky of Istanbul

Istanbul Canal is a vital project that will enlighten the city of Istanbul in the coming years, and it is the historical...

The Countdown to the Istanbul Canal Project Tender Begins

Istanbul Canal project is a vital project for all those interested in Istanbul and Turkey, whether citizens, residents o...

Istanbul Exports: $ 52 billion to 230 Global Destinations

The foreign trade sector contributes to profits increase in the Turkish economy through its unprecedented successes

Istanbul International Airport Ranks First

Istanbul International Airport continued to win international awards after its opening

Completion of the Second Phase of Kabatas-Mahmutbey Metro Line in Istanbul

The Kabatas Mahmutbey Metro Line is the newest type of metro line fully automatic (without driver) and extends 24.5 km i...

Istanbul Exhibitions for November 2019

In line with the remarkable activity witnessed by the Turkish economic sectors, Istanbul Exhibitions for November 2019 s...

The Opening of Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones Exhibition

The 49th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry, Watches and Gadgets Exhibition opened today in Istanbul.

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!

Apartments and villas conform to Turkish citizenship
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