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Istanbul is preparing for another major project that would raise the importance of the tourist city, while Istanbul municipality announced its intention to establish a pedestrian tunnel passes under the Bosporus.

The project which its render was completed is one of the most important works in the coming period as described by the Mayor "Kader Tobash”.

The tunnel will link between the two parts of the city the European, and the Asian, as it will start from "Kabatsh" zone and ends in "Uskudar", at a depth of 20 meters under the Bosporus, and will reach a length of 2 km. Moreover, the tunnel will consist of two floors.

It is scheduled to finish the project by 2019.

The last time someone was able to cross the Bosporus on foot, was in 1954, when the city experienced a very cold winter, and large pieces of ice had reached the strait coming from the Danube River.