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Turkish Ministry of Communications and Transportations announced that it has finished in the past few days the tender for the Mahmoud Bey-Bachakshahir- Esneyurt metro line and that the 11-station metro line project will be completed within 180 days.

The ministry added that the metro line would connect three main districts, Mahmud Bey, Bachakshahir and Esneyurt. The movement between these districts will be very rapid and the time to reach these districts in Istanbul will be reduced to 25 minutes.

The ministry also pointed out that the metro line will start from the district of Mahmoud Bey and will pass through 10 stations to reach Esneyurt district. Consequently, the total number of stations for the metro line will become 11 stations.

The tender for the construction of the metro has reached about 12 companies, and the name of the winning company will be announced soon, and the construction of the railway will begin immediately after the announcement, the ministry said.