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The Metro line Mahmudbey- Esenyurt Project, which is expected to serve 70,000 passengers per hour when completed is currently under work.

The tender for this huge project was awarded to Makiol-Astor-IC Egtash, for a total of TRY 3 billion and 495 thousand Turkish Liras, as a result of the contracting that took place last July. The project is considered one of the most vital transportation lines to be built in Istanbul in the short term.

The line will extend for 18.5 kilometers and will begin in Mahmudbey area and end in the Esenyurt area, passing through the vital Bachshehir area.

The new line will merge with many of the existing lines, such as the Kirazli metro line, the Bashakshehir Line and the Halkali Metro.

The Metro line Mahmudbey- Esenyurt line is expected to be completed in 2019 Mahmudbey will reach Esenyurt area in 28 minutes and from Mahmudbey to Beshektash in approximately 32 minutes, while Mahmudbey will be able to reach Kabatash in about 33 minutes.