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 Istanbul municipality presented a bid to build the first air railway metro that extends between " (Sefaköy)" and "(Başakşehir)" in the European side of the city, in order to ease congestion.

It is scheduled that the line will pass through 17 stations and will connect to a network of other railways in the city. Therefore, the results of the tender will be announced after reviewing the offers that have been submitted by six companies.

This project aims to ease traffic congestion on Highway E5, as the project will help alleviate traffic congestion in the areas " Sefaköy" and "Halkalı", and its length will be about 15 kilometers.

The starting point of the metro will be "(Sefaköy)" and will end in " (Başakşehir)" passing through all of the following stations:

"Armoni Park – Borusan – Sanayi - Gümrük Yolu - Halkalı Merkez - TOKİ-1 - Toki-2 - Arena Park (Atakent) – Masko - Ziya Gökalp - Atatürk Oto Sanayi 1 - Atatürk Oto Sanayi 2 - Başak Konutları – Oyakkent".

Later the metro line will connect to "(Kirazlı)"  in "(Halkalı)" station .

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