The Metrobus line in Istanbul is considered one of the most important transport lines, and some people see it as an important investment in the transportation sector in the last period. This vital line connected the two Asian and European continents with each other and reached the farthest point in the European part of the city the Beylikduzu district.

The line also contributed to the increase in real estate prices in the places where it passed. The Beylikduzu district underwent a major urban transformation after the arrival of the Metrobus, as well as areas such as Avcilar and Esyeniort, where property prices have increased significantly and witnessed many investments. A large number of Shopping malls has been built along the Metrobus line.

The Metrobus has also played a major role in reducing traffic congestion in the city and directly contributed of reducing the city's harmful emissions, making it an environmentally friendly means of transportation and facilitating the rapid access of its users to the rest of the city. Because there is a dedicated route for the Metrobus and normal private cars cannot enter it.

The General Directorate of Electric Tram and Tunnels of the Greater Istanbul Municipality has stated that the Metrobus line will be extended soon to reach the Slevery area, which is located outside the central borders of Istanbul and will be effective 24 hours a day without interruption.

The Metrobus line will continue to be connected to a large number of bus, metro and tramway lines in the city. The Greater Istanbul Municipality recently approved the budget of the Directorate General of Trams and Tunnels for 2018 and it’s 2 billion and 140 million Turkish liras.