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New Istanbul Investments way in Istanbul Grand Canal

The Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, said that the huge Istanbul Canal project will be worked on through using an investment of another type, and will be financed through the use of mixed funding.

The minister said that the entire project will be financed through this method, instead of financing each section alone. This is due to the establishment of artificial islands on this planned canal, which will be inaugurated by the end of the 20th anniversary of the Republic in 2023.

The project is expected to form an alternative route for the crossing of arbors, commercial vessels and others that are making their way across the Bosporus today to move from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and vice versa.

As part of this cultural project, plans are being made to build at least three artificial islands at the entrance and exit of the Canal. Recreation centers will be built on the islands as well as other projects such as luxury apartments and restaurants along the canal.

These artificial islands will be serviced in terms of cruises and boats so that they can be easily accessible and easily returned to the city center by putting an application similar to that currently in place to move between the two parts of Istanbul in the Asian and European continents.

The artificial islands are the first that Turkey will build under the Istanbul Canal project which is the first of its kind ever.

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