Foreign investors are racing to buy lands in areas close to Istanbul's new Strait of Istanbul, one of the world's largest projects. Which is on the banks of the Istanbul canal expected, and this project is one of the largest projects in the world, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls it "a dream" His life. "

Investors from the Gulf, and from the Middle East in general, have the largest share among foreign investors, all of whom are seeking to own property in the closest places to Istanbul, and the number of investors is steadily increasing.

The surrounding areas of the canal and nearby areas have witnessed an increase in land prices of 20% to 30% in some places. Experts attribute this rapid foreign demand to the region to the fact that the foreign investor trusts the Turkish markets with great confidence, and this is evident in the real estate sales figures for foreigners during the last three years in Turkey; this is expected to increase in the race and turnout in the coming period.

Real estate finance and investment leaders from real estate companies, banks, andconstruction companies are launching new real estate campaigns that will facilitate investors' ownership by offering easy payment options and providing tax exemptions to increase real estate investments in this region, especially in Istanbul and Turkey. The real estate investment in Turkey is, therefore, one of the most profitable sectors at present, thanks to the high value of real estate and the growing government support for this vital sector.

Source: Aksam