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As Istanbul municipality keeps seeking to ease the traffic congestion within the city, where nearly a quarter of the population of Turkey lives, it plans to offer many tenders in the near future in order to reduce the trouble of transportation in many areas. One of the most prominent of these projects is the "skybus metro" in Istanbul, which will be the first of its kind in the country, and another metro will go underneath the Bosphorus Strait connecting the two sides of the city just like the Marmaray metro.

The skybus metro line

According to the report published by Anadolu agency, Istanbul Municipality plans to connect all the areas of the city via metro lines by 2019, in addition to establishing the first skybus metro "Havaray," which will connect Sefaköy, Halkalı, and Başakşehir, with a 9 kilometers route long and this will be opened in 2019, as planned.

Marmaray’s new project

The municipality also plans to create another metro line to go underneath the Bosphorus Strait connecting Kazlıçeşme, on the European side, and Söğütlüçeşme on the Asian side; with a 20 kilometers route long. It is expected to take two years to be accomplished.

Istanbul municipality will call for tenders of the skybus metro in the coming November 14, and the tender of the other metro which will go underneath the Bosphorus Strait shall be called in October 26th.

Regarding the "Bağcılar – Kabataş" tramway line, the municipality plans to make the part of the line between "Seyitnizam" and "Zeytinburnu" with a length of two kilometers, to go underground. Moreover, it plans to create a new link of 3-kilometer-long on "Başakşehir – Kayaşehir" line. The tender of these two projects will be called in 26th October.