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There is no doubt that Istanbul is a beautiful city that beauty itself boasts to be coupled with its name whenever Istanbul is mentioned. Yes, Istanbul is that attractive city accordingly and in line with all the standards, but...

Some may need one minute to adapt to the lifestyle in Istanbul, while others may take years.

Istanbul is a city that make you love it despite all the drawbacks such as congestion and high cost of living.

We would like to draw your attention to some matters lest those drawbacks would be an obstacle for you if you moved on to live in the most beautiful city in the world, herein inter alia:

Let your home be near your workplace.

Each city has a problem, Istanbul’s problem is congestion.

You cannot guess where and how congestion come out; when we say "there is no congestion now," we may stay for hours in an unknown congestion. And when we say "The congestion is now at its peak," we may be surprised that the traffic is such as the flow of water in speed.

So it is better to make sure that your home is near to your workplace, and in the same side of the city (European or Asian), otherwise it is possible to spend most of your time awaiting the congestion.

Think about your children's needs when choosing your home.

If you have children, so choose a house near the children's playing yards or within a protected residential complex to provide them games yards and safe places to drive their bikes and small toy cars.

If you do not prefer residential complexes, then make sure that there is a garden or a place for playing in the vicinity. Also choose a school as close as possible to your home, so your children do not spend hours on the road.

Let your home be close to the shopping and services centers.

Because of the overcrowding in Istanbul, and because time is precious, be careful to secure your daily needs from a nearby place because having your home near a market is a key to facilitate your daily life.

Make sure that the public transportations means are available around.

The availability of rapid transportation such as trams and metros is a way for saving money and time compared to transporting by your own car. That would avoid you the trouble of parking, particularly when going to the beautiful tourist places such as Taksim and Kadıköy.

Do not miss enjoying Istanbul’s attractiveness.

Who visits this city, in the first time, wherever he goes and tours, his first and last plan will be to discover its landmarks and enrich his memory with its beauty.

The tourism in Istanbul, taking advantage of visiting its places and history that is written in every nook and cranny, enjoying the fresh air of Bosphorus that contacts the hearts and tells the story of the past and present; and spending time contemplating its beauty are things behooves us to do.

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