Imtilak Properties

Properties located in areas adjacent to "Yavuz Selim" bridge, in Istanbul recorded a remarkable increase in prices according what the real estate index (Sahibindex) has showed.

Where property prices in "Arnavutköy" district and "Çatalca Sarıyer" and "Bayekoz" has risen by 4.9% in January comparing to the same period last year 2016.

While the price per square meter in " Sarıyer" zone has risen to nearly 10 thousand Turkish liras, recording an increase of 17.8% during January.

"Bayekoz" area located on the Asian side of Istanbul, was mostly affected by the rising of prices, where it recorded an increase of 42.9% compared to the same period last year.

In all, the real estate prices have risen in the areas located along the course line of "Yavuz Selim" the bridge, since starting its establishment three years ago, where the price per square meter has risen during the last three years are as the following:

"Arnavutköy - Hadımköy" by 89.9%

"Bayekoz" by 77.5%

"Çatalca" by 55.7%

"Sarıyer" by 17%

Sultan Selim I Bridge (third Istanbul bridge) is the longest suspension bridge in the world, and its establishment has been commenced in 2013, it was completed and inaugurated in 26 August 2016.