Invest in Istanbul in Real Estate

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with the sensual beauty of Turkey after visiting Turkey’s popular destinations. In 2014, it was ranked 6th

as the most popular tourist destination as it attracted over 42 million tourists from all over the world.

Two of the most renowned spots of turkey are:

TAKSIM SQUARE Turkey real estate

Taksim Square is situated in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul and there is absolutely no doubt about it as it offers tourists it’s finest; restaurants, hotels, shops, spas etc. Taksim Square attracts tourists by:

· Shopping street: for tourists, Taksim square provides the longest shopping street that is filled with shops of all kinds that allure the tourists from all over the world

· Tram ride: it takes the course from Square to world’s second oldest subways; Tünel

· Majestic hotels: it offers some of the grandest hotels like InterContinental, Marmara Hotel and Ritz-Carlton

· Opera House: Atatürk Cultural Center acts as a multi-purpose cultural center and also as an Opera House


With the humongous amount of tourism that Taksim Square attracts; economy grows expansively and one of the reasons is Turkey’s real estate. The bloom in Turkish real estate is being observed for many years and positive aspect of tourism is that houses on sale in turkey are getting a new surge by each passing day. Taksim Square is also responsible for giving a boost to real estate of Istanbul as shops, hotels, restaurants etc. are being bought by tourists and locals. Real estate of Istanbul is rising due to foreign Istanbul investment and prospects that Taksim Square offer.


It is one of the most prominent and significant avenues of Istanbul, Turkey. Istiklal Street attracts over 3 million people in just a single day and this can highlight the prominent role that it plays in growing the Turkish economy and also booming the real estate of Istanbul as well.

Istiklal Street offers to millions of people each day:

· 1.4 km long Pedestrian street: It is no ordinary street as it presents you with, music stores, art galleries, boutiques, cinemas, Bookstores, cafés, pubs, night clubs, restaurants and different variety that is hard to find anywhere

· Historical buildings: The avenue offers late Ottoman era buildings that are simply breathtaking and others like Çiçek Pasajı (flower passage) that just mesmerize you from the moment you lay your eyes upon it

· Tünel: The second oldest subway station of the world

· Churches: The historical Roman Catholic churches of Santa Maria Draperis is also one of its jewels along with many other churches


The growth in the economy of Turkey is stable and one of the major roles is played by Istiklal Street along with Taksim Square.

It is quite obvious that one of the famous avenues of Istanbul, the turkey will play a major role in lifting the Istanbul real estate and directly impacting on Turkey real estate. There are houses on sale near the Istiklal street, Taksim Square and though the price rates have gone up in the past few years but still real estate of Istanbul is the impression that these are the high times to buy a real estate in Istanbul and Turkey.

So, the impact of Taksim Square and Istiklal Street is huge on the Turkish economy and also it is playing a decisive role in thriving Istanbul real estate and also on houses for sale in turkey getting a huge boost.

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