The city of Istanbul has recently become an important center for real estate projects, which has led to a rise in real estate prices. Property prices in Istanbul are rising according to the development and growth of areas where real estate projects are located, especially in coastal areas that contain apartments for sale In Istanbul along the seaside, where it is noted that an increase of prices reflected heavily on the properties located within the coastal communities or near the coast, which made the mid-income owners wishing to acquire modern properties with a sea view to ask the following question: Is it possible to own modern properties with sea views at reasonable prices in Istanbul?

Although most projects and real estate complexes are similar in terms of their recreational and social establishments and the type of services they provide to their residents, the presence of the complex in a coastal area or alongside a lake doubles the prices of real estate. Investors who do not afford to buy properties within the coastal projects are likely to buy property in high- rise buildings to watch the sea from afar.

In Istanbul, there are many real estate projects with beautiful sea views at reasonable prices. These real estate projects are not located on the coast but are high-end real estate projects or concentrated in high-rise areas of Istanbul. They are no less beautiful than those in coastal areas; the project is located on both sides of the Asian and European city of Istanbul, from the Umraniye area on the Asian side to the Kurtkoy region. Kartal area, Beylikduzu, located at the European end to the area of kucukcekmece, to Maltepe, Bayrampasa, Ipartakule, and Mahmutbey. Where many modern and skyscrapers buildings in these areas offer a chance to enjoy the view of the natural city of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea view.

It is noted that there is a high turnout by foreign investors to such projects, especially Arab investors, where most prefer housing in high-rise real estate projects located in these areas, especially on the European side and the most important projects within these areas frequented by Arab investors; pasadur complex located in Bayrampasa area, the famous Panorama of the Gulf in Ghazi Othman Pasha, the Ikhlas 6 and Ikhlas 7 project in the Ipartakule area, and the E5 tower complex in Beylikduzu area. The prices of properties in such high-rise projects $ 70,000 in Beylikduzu area, and 110,000 $ in a famous Basaksehir area, thus the amount increases gradually by the project.