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Gulf Maritime Canal Will Be Soon in Istanbul - Invest Istanbul

Istanbul the metropolitan city is witnessing a number of major changes and projects that will facilitate its traffic. The Gulf Maritime Channel is the latest of these developments, which will connect the two sides of the Gulf in the European part of the city with each other under the sea this time, as in the Eurasia Tunnel, which has been in service for the last few months, and the new Istanbul tunnel currently in operation.

Studies on this canal are still underway and waiting for approval from the concerned authorities, since this mega project will lead to the reorganization of a large number of roads in both sides of the Gulf.

The new canal is expected to be built at a depth of 80 meters below sea level. It will be connected to 44 roads and will include two tunnels, each tunnel divided into three traffic lanes, three in the direction of the goings and three in the direction of the comings.

The project was sent by the Protection Committee No. 2 in the area of "Beyoğlu" to Istanbul’s Municipality to conduct the necessary checks, and the project will be considered by the Protection Committee No. 4 in the municipality of Fatih also.

The Ataturk Bridge connecting the two sides of the Gulf will be removed after completion of this mega project, which will greatly facilitate traffic, and additional details about this canal are expected in the coming days.

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