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Recent news about Ataturk International Airport in the European part of Istanbul has sparked many debates in the city's real estate circles, some claiming that residential buildings will be built at the airport venue after being moved to the third airport, which is about to be completed. Also, on the other hand, reports claim that a commercial complex will be constructed at the airport place.

However, because the first phase of the third airport is not over yet, a section of Ataturk Airport will be used for some flights for a period of time until the first part of the new airport is fully completed. Therefore, no commercial complexes or residential buildings will be built at the place of the airport.

Ahmed Arslan, Minister of Communications, Transport and Maritime Affairs, said in a statement that no residential or commercial buildings will be built at the airport place.

Ataturk Airport has a very important strategic location due to its proximity to the sea and because of the nearby transportation network, such as the metro line that passes through it. In addition, the metro line passes from a relatively nearby location. There are also many residential projects, luxury tourist hotels and a large number of facilities Educational, health, entertainment and others in the same area as well.