Kouakly Farm

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  •  Type:   Farms
  •  City:  Istanbul - Silivri
  •  Ready By:   Ready
  •  Payment Method:   Cash
  •  Distance to Center:   50 km
  •  Distance to Beach:   3 km
  •  Distance to Airport:   30 km
  •  Construction Year:   2000
Why this property?
  • A golden investment chance for the capitals.
  • Its price will multiply if a hotel or a composite is established on, any way it has an inhabitation license and touristic license.
  • It is too close to E5 and Team fast ways, which reach to Asian side until Ankara, is only 8 km far from the entry of Istanbul.
  • Its survey is wide and has all the facilities and trees that you imagine.
  • A large farm inside Selevry, Istanbul and is 1 km far from Korakly.
  • A villa froms three stairs, the survey of every stair is 700 m2, imagine this huge space.
  • There are 600 different kinds of fruits such as apples, oranges and peaches..etc, 2000 cypress trees and big plastic houses for vegetables.
  • 8 rooms, two saloons, 4 bathrooms, one I Poin Master bathroom, a sanctuary and a closed garsge.
  • Views on the sea, a swimming pool inside the garden, another one with a waterfall, a swimming pool and sauna.
  • The solar energy is used, and the heating of the swimming pool by solar energy.
  • A sport hall, basketball playground and a hall for all the entertainment activities.
  • A fold for raising animals and a pool for marine animals
  • There are special departments for the services inside the villa and five houses for workers.
  •  There is a stove for dough, meat and barbecue inside the villa.
  •  Inside the garden, you can find totally prepared house for gusts.
  •  The gas extension system and artesian wells.
  •  The composite includes 4 blocks from many stairs.
  •  There are 1+2 flats and its survey is 100 m2.
  •  The pricing of this farm depending on the bank valuation is 7-8 million dollar.
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